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Traditional Healing promotes and strives to deliver programs and services which promote spiritual/emotional growth and wellness.  Our services are available to not only  the patients and clients of De dwa da dehs nye>s but the Aboriginal community at large.  We have a team of community approved healers, teachers and, facilitators who dedicate themselves to bring about an awareness of our true spiritual heritage.  It is in that shared heritage of spirit that that the whole of man is connected.  When we truly know this, it is impossible to be alone or feel disconnected.

Traditional Healing is the oldest form of medicine having been the original .  We work along with our dedicated team of Drs. and Nurse Practitioners in the Clinic to ensure that the patients and clients of De dwa da dehs nye>s are aware of and can have access to any and all of the services.


Traditional Healing Programs


Grief Recovery

It is a common fact that our minds and spirits do not function properly when we are filled with loss and grief.  Recognizing the 99% of the time, grief is the result of unresolved, troubled or incomplete relationships, Grief Recovery is a 7 week process which facilitates learning, understanding. It creates a safe environment where grievers can share, learn and practice new actions and behaviors that will lead to successful recovery.  Grief recovery examines factors/myths which hold us back from recovery such as “time heals all wounds” and “grieve alone” or “I have to be strong for others”.  Grievers are not broken, so they don’t need to be fixed….they need to be heard. This action leads them through the Grief Recovery process of awareness, acceptance, forgiveness and recovery from loss.

Spiritual Warriors Roadway

The Spiritual Warrior’s Roadway is a 20 week course created and facilitated by Oscar DeLos Santos.  This process explores the four aspects of our being.   . “Humans are made up of four parts—body, heart, mind and spirit.  If one of these parts does not get enough  attention, it throws the system out.  His teachings are about bringing all four parts to the same level of maturity.   Oscar has created 47 abstract cores, 40 exercises and 4 masteries .  These practical exercises are designed to unlock, re-discover and liberate  our true nature thus allowing our “spiritual common sense”  to kick in.

Spiritual Warrior’s Roadway is offered once per year Jan through to May.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Men’s Sweats

Men’s Sweats are offered bi-monthly and are available to both the aboriginal communities of Hamilton and Brantford and are held on the New Credit reserve.  Teachings are offered before the ceremony and a traditional feast is held afterward.  Transportation to and from the Sweats are offered in the Hamilton community only.

Women’s Sweats

Women’s Sweats are offered on a monthly basis.  They are also held on New Credit reserve at Nancy Rowe’s place.  She offers Sweatlodge teachings from 12 – 1 with the actual ceremony afterward.  Women are invited to bring a potluck dish for a traditional feast after the sweat.

To register for the Men’s or Women’s Sweat please call 905-544-4320-  ex. 245.


Attitudinal Healing

Attitudinal Healing has been described as” spiritual psychotherapy”.  It is a fourteen week endeavor to create the awareness of love within each of us and to examine and explore how that love is disguised and replaced with fearful attitudes.  These fearful attitudes limit and stunt our spiritual growth.  The attitude through which we see our world is a choice we make, and it is that choice which  ultimately determines our experience in the world.  It is possible to change our minds, to shift the way we perceive the world and each other.  It is based on the concept that it is not people or situations that causes us stress or conflict,  rather it is our own perceptions and thoughts.  We then project  out onto the world and each other.  At anytime in our day we are either motivated by fear or love…..and it’s always a choice.

Attitudinal Healing is offered once per year beginning in May through to Aug.

One-on-One with Traditional Practitioners (Jane Burning and Elva Jamieson)

Patients and community members can call and book an appointment with either of our Traditional Practitioners.  They are available for consultation on certain days of the month.  They facilitate healing utilizing any one of their many traditional  gifts such as Traditional counselling, traditional medicines, Spiritual cleansing through smudge ceremony, and  integrate them with other alternative  modalities such as Reiki, focused Intention, foot reflexology, and fasting.

To book an appointment please call 905-54-4320 – in Hamilton or 519-752-4340 in Brantford.

One-on-One Jeanne Hebert

Jeanne Hebert is a full-time staff team member of Traditional Healing.  She is available for one-on-one consultations, (Tuesdays in Hamilton and Wednesdays in Brantford) and can facilitate cultural programming and workshops.   She will be conducting Full Moon ceremonies on a monthly basis and is available to open and close various meetings and conferences.

For more information please contact Jeanne directly at 905-544-4320 ex. 258.

Any one of the four sacred medicines (sage, sweetgrass, tobacco or cedar  is available to the community through the Traditional Healing program up inquiry.


Traditional Healers

Our Circle of Care Team include:

Isaac Day

Isaac has been delivering  men’s and women’s sweats and Sweatlodge teachings for the health centre since for 14 years.  He has recently cut back and handed the reins over to Peter Schuler who will be conducting the Men’s Sweats from now on.

Oscar DeLos Santos

Oscar has been with De dwa da dehs nye>s  for the past 13 years.  .  He is the creator of the “Spiritual Warrior’s Roadway” course which is offered once per year at De dwa da dehs nye>s.   His teachings integrate mind, body and spirit and are universal truths contained within an indigenous framework.  He describes his course as “spiritual common sense” containing exercises for Self discovery.

Robert Ahlgren

Robert “Bob” Ahlgren has been with De dwa da dehs nye>s for the past 14 years first as a full-time Grief Recovery and Attitudinal Healing Facilitator.  He is a valued team member who has extraordinary insight and knowledge of the metaphysics of Attitudinal Healing.  He is semi-retired but still facilitates Attitudinal Healing Circles once per year.  Bob lives in Paris, ON.

Jane Burning

Jane Burning is a Traditional Practitioner who has been with De dwa da dehs nye>s  since 2011.  She is Seneca wolf clan from Six Nations.  Jane facilitates healing using traditional methods integrated with alternative approaches such  as Reiki and Focused Intention.

Elva Jamieson

Elva is a recent addition to our Circle of Care team.  She is wolf clan from Six Nations and has been a traditional practitioner for many years.  She currently has her own healing lodge on Six Nations called “Dudah’s Place” She also provides our link to traditional medicines.

Nancy Rowe

Nancy Is Ojibwe from Serpant River, Ont.  She currently lives on the New Credit of the Mississauga’s reserve .  She is an educator/consultant and Traditional Practitioner and facilitates healing by providing Women’s Sweats and Full Moon ceremonies.  She also owns and operates the Kinomaagaye Gaamik Lodge on New Credit  and is currently completing a masters degree in Environmental Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo.



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