The Code of Conduct is outlined in the Patient/Participant Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. For more information, please click here.

Group Programming
It is our pleasure to offer the service of programming. When you enter into a program, you are entering into a circle. We have some guidelines about how we can keep our circle a source of strength, healing, and safety for all the members.

Programs are a gift; it is a privilege to attend and it is our privilege to provide the service.

Code of Conduct:
Confidentiality: We want our programs to be a safe space free of judgement. Sometimes, personal things are shared and it is not our right to share other people’s stories.

Although at times it is common to feel frustrated or irritated with some people, it is not our right to be laterally violent towards these people through bullying or intimidation.

Choose kind words that you say to and about others. Gossip can be a destructive habit with serious consequences to the individual and their family, the circle and organization.

Programs are a public place with many different types of people attending our circles from time to time. We welcome everyone.

Registration is on a “first come first serve” basis and you can only register for yourself, your dependents and not on behalf of other people. We encourage people to please call and let us know if you are unable to attend a program you registered for, so that your spot can be offered to others on the waiting lists.

Children’s Programming:
It is required that caregivers accompany children to programming. No child is permitted to be dropped off without a caregiver present. There may be a situational exception (summer camp etc.), but in most cases caregivers will be expected to actively monitor their children while attending programming at De dwa da dehs nye>s and to make sure that there are no violations of what is expected as appropriate behaviour in the organization. Failure to properly attend to children in your care at programs may result in being asked to leave, as children not being attended to properly may result in a situation of risk that De dwa da dehs nye>s will not accept.


Virtual Programming

Net Etiquette:
There are times when De dwa da dehs nye>s will offer virtual programming over the internet. Despite the program not occurring in person, the same code of conduct is expected within the programming context inclusive of the virtual environment.

Please be mindful that the information that you share is being shared in a public space. De dwa da dehs nye>s cannot control who is in attendance in the background of every individual’s home or space, also we cannot control what individual participants do with the information.

In that, please respect the confidentiality of others and be selective of what you want to share. The information that you are being presented in a session is the intellectual property of De dwa da dehs nye>s and is not intended to be used without the permission of the facilitators. Please be mindful that you do not have consent to record the sessions.

Code of Conduct

1) Substance use during Program
Smoking, medicinal drug use and alcohol are prohibited during program. If you cannot abstain during this time, please shut off your camera and microphone. Visible smoking during programming is not acceptable. If you are demonstrating obvious signs of intoxication, you will be removed from the session.

2) Coarse Language
Swearing, yelling, abusive language and profanity is not acceptable to the program environment. Even if the language is occurring in the background, it compromises the feeling of being in a safe space and is disruptive.

3) Disruptive or Disrespectful Behaviour
Please note the program facilitator retains the right to remove participants from the session without notice if there is unacceptable behavior that is disrespectful, menacing or overly negative.

Circle of Care:
It is crucial that you fill out our circle of care form. This is required by our funders and important in ensuring the continuity of programming for the future.

Process of Complaint:
If you have a compliment or grievance about an experience you have at program, first please tell the coordinator. If you would like to provide feedback on your experience (positive or negative) please click here .