It is important to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines to protect yourself and those around you.

          Ontario’s Fall 2023 COVID-19 Vaccine Program has been rolled out with the Influenza Vaccine Program. DAHAC is offering Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines for the duration of the respiratory season.

Patients can book appointments by calling the clinic.

          The Ontario Ministry of Health recommends all individuals 6 months and older receive the COVID-19 Vaccine.

   Those who have been previously vaccinated against COVID-19 are recommended to receive an additional dose of the fall formulation of the vaccine if it has been 6 months from the previous COVID-19 vaccine dose or known SARS-CoV infection (the interval may be shorter for certain high risk individuals). Immunization is particularly important for those at increased risk of COVID-19.

          Individuals may receive a COVID-19 vaccine simultaneously with (i.e., same day), or at any time before or after non-COVID-19 vaccines (including Influenza and other live and non-live vaccines).

          Vaccination during pregnancy is safe and effective at protecting pregnant individuals against severe COVID-19 disease. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should receive all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses as soon as they are able. 

If you have any questions surrounding the COVID-19 and Influenza vaccines please contact the clinic and ask to speak with a nurse.

Additional COVID-19 Vaccine information can be found here:

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