Our Centre provides programming in 7 areas. Health Care (Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals), Health Promotion, Our Health Counts, Advocacy Services, Children’s Programs, Mental Health Programming, Traditional Healing.

Health Care (Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals):

The Health Care team at the Centre consists of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, foot care nurses, dietitians, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. Working together, this primary care health care team provides our community with 1 on 1 appointments and group education classes. To see a member of our primary health care team at our Hamilton site please call (905) 544-4320 and to see a member of our primary care team at our Brantford site please call (519) 752-4340.

Areas of focus:
– Culturally sensitive primary health care provided by Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Foot Care Nurses, Dietitians, Social Workers, and other healthcare professionals.
– Treatment and monitoring of illnesses.
– Health promotion, screening (ex: diabetes, hepatitis C) and lifestyle counseling to reduce risks associated with disease.
– Pre and post-Natal care.
– Diabetes management and diabetes prevention with a certified diabetes educator nurse, diabetes dietitian, and specialty footcare nurse.

Health Promotion & Education Services

The Health Promotion Program promotes the distribution of health promotion education to the community and seeks to collaborate with outside community agencies to enhance existing services. The program also increases public knowledge and awareness of Health Promotion team activities.
Areas of focus:
– Education & Management.
– Health education & promotion workshops.
– School outreach services.
– Children’s programs.
– FASD and Child Nutrition program.

Our Health Counts

Our Health Counts is a landmark research study of the health of urban Aboriginal peoples in Hamilton. Please click here for more information about this study.

Click here to download the report.


The goal of our Centre’s advocacy program is to help members of our community ensure that they have access to culturally appropriate health-care services and programs, and to promote the empowerment of Aboriginal people in determining their own health care needs.

Areas of focus:
– Assist with issues regarding education, income, job training, diet, and housing.
– Provide patient advocacy in hospitals.
– Lobby to ensure Aboriginal representation on health related decision making bodies, committees and boards.
– Report incidences of discrimination to appropriate authorities.

Mental Health Services

Our Goal: To administer a mental health program for Aboriginal people to ensure that Aboriginal people have access to culturally appropriate mental health services and programs, and to promote empowerment of Aboriginal people in determining their own mental health care needs.

Our Mission: To encourage, enable, and empower the voice and participation of the Aboriginal people in the Mental Health System.

Areas of focus:
– Addictions
— Intake.
— Referral process to treatment and rehabilitation programs.
– Case Management
— With other mental health agencies/providers.
– Mental Health Outreach Services
– Mental Health Counseling
— Individual support.
— Couple and family support.
— Individual counselling.
– Intake & Assessments
– Wellness plans
– Service Co-ordination and Referrals
– Community Education for clients, families, community members and agencies
– Presentations on various relevant Mental Health topics
– Resource Co-ordination and Networking
– Membership and participation in Hamilton Children Network
– With outreach services:
— Home visits to clients.
— Accompaniment to medical appointments.

Traditional Healing

Image of Traditional Healing Logo


The aim of Traditional Healing is to create awareness of the blocks we carry which prevent us from experiencing our true nature, which is love. By acknowledging that these blocks are ever present in us, we can begin to heal them by providing tools which help to heal the mind & spirit. Our traditional healing programs are:

Healing Journey

Walter Cooke, Ojibway elder, shares the teachings of the of the seven fires as well as the seven steps to spirituality. Participants are given a series of traditional teachings which help to connect them to their cultural identity. He also provides one-on-one sessions using traditional teachings and methods.

Grief Recovery

This program is designed to facilitate recovery from loss. As a participant you will be guided through the process of awareness, acceptance and forgiveness and moving beyond loss.

Attitudinal Healing

Fourteen (14) week program that focuses on removing the blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love within us. Participants along with facilitators, explore twelve (12) spiritual principles (each principle has 10 tenents) in fourteen 2 ½ hr. sessions. Tools such as visualization, spontaneous drawing, meditation and journaling are used to facilitate this process.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Offered four (4) times per year. Sweatlodge teachings are offered in the morning and the Ceremony is in the afternoon. A potluck feast follows.

Spiritual Warriors Roadway

Fourteen (14) week program which offers a series of teachings designed to integrate mind, heart, body, spirit. These exercises allow the participant to experience the teachings rather than just receiving information.

Elder Mentorship Program

Supported by the Homelessness initiative this program provides participants with traditional Teachings. Those participants then share the teachings with the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities of Hamilton through partnerships with different organizations and schools. Have recently received funding from the Ministry of Health Promotion/Healthy Communities fund to provide culturally appropriate healthy eating, mental health promotion and tobacco/substance misuse programming for 30 Aboriginal youth in care of Catholic Childrens Aid in Hamilton.