De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre assists Aboriginal people in accessing culturally appropriate health care programs and services. The Health Centre focuses on holistic preventive and primary health care that includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Traditional Healing and other primary health services — Mental Health Support as well as community health supports — Advocacy, Outreach and Health Promotion and Education Services. The Health Centre serves all Aboriginal people, regardless of status and offers assistance to outside service organizations to provide care in a culturally appropriate way. The Health Centre has two sites, one at 678 Main Street East in Hamilton and a second site at 36 King Street in Brantford. Both sites are accessible with an elevator.

Our Mission

To improve the Wellness of Aboriginal individuals and of the Aboriginal community by providing services which respect people as individuals with a distinctive cultural identity and distinctive values and beliefs.

Our Logo

Our logo encompasses the four directions and all the colours of the human race. The circle represents the cycle of life and that wellness is an ongoing process. The cityscape represents urban life and the Longhouse symbolizes our Aboriginal way of life. The two profiled figures illustrate the relationship of both the western medical model and Aboriginal healing practices. This logo was designed by Nathan Smoke.


Our Goals & Objectives

The Health Centre Provides:

  • Holistic assessment programs and services.
  • Health care services for Aboriginal communities in Hamilton and Brantford.
  • Choices of Traditional Healing, Western Medicine and Complementary Therapies.
  • Preventive and primary health care services and programs.
  • Accessible space for clients, both sites in Hamilton and Branftord have elevators.
  • Assistance in transporting clients to and from the Health Centre or other locations needed for client’s health care.
  • Representation on Health Committees and Boards.

Our Health, Our Seventh Generation, Our Future


Annual Report 2014-2015


Annual Report 2013-2014