Born in Burford, graduate of UWO and Brock Universities, I worked in retail and banking, before entering teaching in 1989.  I have lived with my family in 2 provinces (Ontario and Quebec) and 6 communities, including Hagersville and Ancaster.  As an elementary teacher for the Grand Erie District School board, I taught Grades 2 to 6 at Seneca Central (York), Walpole North (Hagersville) and River Heights Public School (Caledonia).  Recently retired, I tutor students in math and language, sing in Flamborough, and am a member of the TRC for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, as well as a member of the Diocesan Synod.  Living in Hamilton, I bring some understanding of both communities to the AHAC.  I hope to help build links between and among all my communities.