Cultural Support Worker

Jackie (Tekaiatakwas), is Turtle Clan of the Mohawk Nation, born and raised on Six Nations of Grand River Territory. Her family moved to the Niagara region when she was young, and where she currently resides. She has three beautiful daughters and “Dodah” (GrandMother) to 12 young Spirits, ranging from 5 months to 17 years of age.

Jackie has worked with Native organizations for over thirty years providing services  to individuals, or within groups sharing Traditional Teachings and facilitating ceremonies. She has been conducting Purification (Sweat) Lodges for over twenty years, assisting in building several lodges along with conducting the ceremonies.   She has served as a Cultural Advisor for the Aboriginal Student Council of Brock University, Niagara College and the Native Community and has been a recognized ‘bridge’ for the Native and Non-Native communities. She has many years of experience in public speaking and presentation skills, with groups ranging from kindergarten to adult classes.

She has found success in sharing the knowledge and experience during facilitating cultural workshops such as Hand Drums, Talking Sticks, Rattles, Medicine Pouches and a variety of other craft items. These skills were learned from family, friends and other crafters and is readily passed on to others to ensure the traditional art is carried on.


Jackie has 20 years experience working with individuals and families experiencing crisis situations and domestic violence, and assisting them on their path of healing for healthy lifestyles. This is a generational response to community needs as her Mother, as the first Aboriginal Courtworker, assisted many people through the justice stream, and now her daughters are also varying helpers in the community.

Jackie currently sits on the board for Neto Hatinahkwe Onkwehonwe Native Arts (Non-Profit Artist’s Support) but along with her partner, she continues assisting groups such as:

*Canadian Association of Children’s Aid Societies (cultural workshops for youth & frontline workers)

*Ministry of Attorney General, Indigenous Justice Training (cultural workshops)

*St. Catharines, Mayor’s Youth Forum (cultural support)

*District School Board of Niagara (cultural workshops, cultural support)

*Kanatsiohareke-Mohawk Community (cultural workshops)