My name is Aric Rankin and I am a Nurse Practitioner who works full time at the Brantford Clinic of De dwa da dehs nye>s. In 2005, I completed my bachelor of Science in Nursing and have worked in a variety of acute care settings including Paediatric Oncology and Paediatric Emergency. I have a passion for working with marginalized populations, which has led me to work in isolated northern Ontario First Nation communities as well as volunteer with other communities around the world including South Africa, Fijian Islands, Haiti and Australia. These experiences sparked my interest to continue my educational journey. I completed my Nurse Practitioner Primary Health Care certificate in 2012 and Masters in Nursing in 2013. In my spare time I am a volunteer with the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMAT) and a board member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO). Additionally, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our daughter. Working with the fantastic team and patients at De dwa da dehs nye>s is both rewarding and a privilege. I am proud to serve our community.